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151 Natalie Drive

" Ziggurat Design helped us make our dreary house into our dream home" 

- Kathryn Sibley

family room.jpg
dining room.jpg
master bedroom.jpg
after - m bath4.jpg
after - m bath3.jpg
concept - front entrance detail.jpg

What the Sibley's Had to Say:

"By the time we'd purchased our home here, in Moraga, James had relocated Ziggurat to San Diego. We were familiar with James’ reputation here, in the Bay Area, and what he could do with a distressed property like ours, so we really wanted his expertise and know-how. Though he was now over 500 miles away, we contacted him to see if he could work with us remotely -- and he accepted! With today’s technology, working remotely was a lot easier than we would have thought. He made an initial flight up to survey our project and discuss some design options with us. Then, during construction, he came up again, to check on the progress and to answer questions. James, and his team, were very helpful and responsive, and it almost felt as if they were right here, in town, working with us. We had a tight budget, and they worked with us to fulfill our dream, while keeping costs down. Thanks so much, guys!"

                                                             - Kathryn Sibley


"I decided to take this renovation on as an owner-builder, so I needed a lot of support and coaching throughout the process. It was great to be able to just pick up the phone and problem-solve, or shoot James an email to ask a question. He was back to me, the next day, with sketches, diagrams, or

contacts. This was especially helpful with all of the details on this house. It’s true, what they say: “it’s all in the details”. It was a lot of work, but I am very proud of how it all came out. It could have been ‘just another nice house’. But, with Ziggurat’s help, we now have what our neighbors refer to as

’the nicest house on the block!’'

                                                            - Kevin Sibley


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