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2544 34th Street

2544_34th_Mstr Graphic_FRONT HOUSE.jpg

About the Project:

This small, three-bedroom, post-World War II era home had become too crowded for John and Donna Kotselas, their three boys, and Grandma Kotselas. John’s dream was to recapture the feel of his birthplace in Arcadia, Greece, where there is a unique blend of Tuscan Country Villa and Neoclassical architecture. Their large lot and canyon-edge location, in North Park, was ideal for this approach, providing a striking backdrop. The newly-expanded and remodeled residence now accommodates all three generations of the Kotselas family.  Each of their three sons has his own, separate bedroom, and John's mother comfortably resides in the attached In-Law wing. A grand entrance tower, arched windows, balconies, and European ironwork, grace the exterior. The Kotselas were so pleased to have found Ziggurat to help them realize their vision of this incredibly authentic, Mediterranean isle villa.



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