About the Company:

From custom renovations, to exclusive luxury homes, Ziggurat offers full-service architectural capabilities throughout San Diego, California.  Combining masterful design with attentive construction execution, our highly experienced team brings ingenuity and integrity to your design-build project.  Let us transform your house into the home of your dreams!

The Team

James Blair: Founder & Senior Architectural Designer

Principal/Architectural Designer James studied at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. He relocated to San Francisco during that city’s frenzied gentrification. The Bay Area has always held a strong appreciation for its rich architectural history, and Blair’s approach to design evolved to embrace this passion for quality craftsmanship, appropriate modernization, and a respect for history. Here, in Southern California, he’s vowed to “improve San Diego, one building at a time”.

Justin Chapman

Designer / Drafter

Vera Morozova

Designer / Drafter

Vera Morozova.jpg

Marcos Gonzalez

Designer / Drafter

Marcos Gonzalez.jpg

Alex Wright

Director of Operations

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What is a Ziggurat?

    A ziggurat is a stepped pyramid that began to appear on the horizons of a great many ancient civilizations, simultaneously. From Saqqara (Egypt) to Ziban (China). From Mesopotamia (Iraq) to Teotihucan (Mexico).


    Ziggurats represented an enigmatic cultural bond between distant lands. Each ascending level of the ziggurat is smaller than the previous, culminating in a lofty apex. This, being earth’s highest point, is also the sky’s lowest, creating a visual metaphor: a connection between terra firma and the firmament. The idea behind the Ziggurat was to bring earth closer to heaven. And, that is what we do at Ziggurat Design.


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