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140 D Avenue


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Doug and Judy Clarke

The Clarke's Story:

Doug and Judy Clarke have a modest mid-century home, at 140 D Avenue. They decided to add a 2nd story Master Suite and expand the garage at the rear of their lot. Because they elected not to use the help of a Designer or Architect, working with the builder on this project was difficult -- to say the least. The project was finally finished -- and their lesson learned!


     A decade later, they decided to remodel and expand the front of their property to match what they’d done in the rear. This time, they called upon James Blair, of Ziggurat Design, to do this right!

    James worked with the Clarkes to develop a Spanish Colonial gem that would not only pair nicely with the development out back but, would transcend it in architectural detail and charm.

   The Clarkes have a vast inventory of collectables, so James created a vast attic space over the 1st floor. The roof was designed to accommodate a myriad of solar panels which would take the Clarkes off the grid.


     Judy had two wishes she wanted granted. One was to have an expansive front porch, on which she and Doug could sit, sip iced tea, and socialize with her neighbors, or watch parades go by.
The second: a big overhead balcony on the unobstructed level of their 2nd floor, for viewing the San Diego cityscape and fireworks from. Her wishes were granted!

   On the interior, the Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen were all opened-up to one another, making it the perfect space for entertaining their family and many friends. A large overhead beam, supported by whimsically-carved columns, creates the delineation between these spaces. A charming kiva fireplace is a focal point from all of these rooms and serves to keep the Clarke’s warm on those cool winter eves.

    The Clarkes had special pieces of art that they did not wish to part with. James found the perfect spots for these, incorporating the art into their “new” home!

    Doug and Judy couldn’t be happier with their new place. And, they say that it’s like living in art!

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