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819 San Luis Rey

About the Project:

Skip & Nadiene Hancock liked their newly purchased home, but felt that "its true character and charm needed to be brought out and freshened-up".  After assessing the various elements, Ziggurat determined that these were disproportionate to the facade, as well as to one another.  These were resized and reorganized to work together more harmoniously, and a main focal point was created at the entrance via a new portico.  A trellis-covered porch was added to make better use of the yard just outside of the Living Room, providing a partially-shaded gathering spot under the canopy of an adjacent tree.  The weathered skin was stripped off and replaced with new cedar shakes.  New brick work and landscaping warmed-up the approach.  To add further polish, some of the windows, the front door, and the garage door were upgraded.  All this, and some even finer details, served to increase curb appeal and give the Hancocks a sense of pride of place. 



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