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When Bob and Gretchen Warwick purchased their mid-century Coronado beach house in 1997, they realized it needed more than a little TLC. It was one of the less attractive homes on the island and, although it sat just one block from the beach facing the Pacific, the only way to enjoy an ocean view was to go outdoors and stand in the driveway.

The Warwicks didn't wish to maximize square footage by replacing their humble structure with a bloated box that would shadow surrounding lots and block neighbors' views. Instead, they elected to hire Ziggurat Design to help them reclaim some of the structure's merits and re-master their home.

We approached this project with sensibility for fine design and our previous success in blending historical styling with appropriate modernization. This had great appeal to the Warwick family. The team worked together to create a sensible 21st century structure with timeless beauty. The Warwicks were very supportive in exploring a unique home design unlike any other on the island. Ziggurat's architectural scheme focused on the few positive features the existing house had to offer: its location, a Baja-Cresti stone fireplace, and handsome wood-beamed ceilings. The team developed a modern, "Craftsman-Eclectic" motif featuring an abundance of wood, stone, and other natural materials. Our holistic approach to design resulted in a home where the exterior forms and materials work in remarkable harmony with the interior detailing and color scheme; indoors and outdoors seem to merge together in a coastal sanctuary.

Bob and Gretchen Warwick regard the end result of their talented teams' efforts as a work of art blending the best of modernity and timeless style.

217 Alameda


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